chiche potoki

floor skirting board walls

antique modern mix white walls

white tiles

couch and sideboard

stools for the island


white with dark wood

bed with head board

mixture of old and new

rug and bed grey colour


thicker couch

fireplace chair, bookcase




shelf for cookbooks

colours of the wall


I like the colours here. Not so sure about the tiles. I have the cabinets, they look tacky and cheap

I quite like this bath

I like these kind of sinks

I kind of like this. I don't like the lights on the rood though

I like a simpler version of this cabinet. the sinks don't really match though. I don't like the floor tiles

This is niceish. I don't like the hanging lights though

I kind of like these colours but I don't like the light wood in the cabinet

I quite like this colour combination. I don't like the light wood frieze the sinks, I think, are too deep and I am not so sure about the black bricks

I quite like this sink

Maybe with a darker wood cabinet top and no hanging lights

I quite like the wood of this cabinet

I like the wood on the island here, this kitchen is a bit too elegant. Needs to be toned down a bit

I like the wood on the bench and the colour combination. The decorations on the cabinets are too much though and the lamps are terrible

I like this. I think that a wooden bench is the way to go


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